Advice & Recommendations

  • Autonomy and safety:
Taking part in a ski course implies a certain amount of autonomy on the part of each student, and does not place you in close dependence on the instructor. Each student is responsible for their own safety and that of others.

  • Parents... Let's talk!
Our instructors are your privileged contacts... Don't hesitate to ask for information and discuss with them. For an ideal progression, do not follow your child during their lessons and do not modify your child's lessons on your own, only their instructor is authorised to do so.

  • Well equipped... Safely!
Wearing a ski helmet is highly recommended.
For their comfort, equip your child with clothing designed for skiing and winter sports: warm, waterproof and breathable. And don't forget the essential accessories: winter hat or cap, mittens, glasses or ski goggles and protectives sunscreen. For snowboarding lessons, we advise you to wear wrist guards.

  • Don't forget!
Before each session, put your child's ski pass in a closed pocket on the left-hand side of their jacket.

  • Group lessons
The group lesson cards mention the place and the period of validity and do not include the ski lifts pass. In the event that the course is stopped through no fault of our own and the instructor is not present, no refund will be made. No lesson card will be replaced under any circumstances.
The minimum number of participants for a group lesson is 5...
If less than 5 people are registered, the lesson will be cancelled.

  • The ESF reserves the right to cancel or interrupt lessons in the event of force majeure. In particular, the following constitute a case of force majeure: the closure of the slopes or ski lifts and weather conditions making it dangerous for the group to access the practice area. Cancellation or interruption does not give rise to any compensation or refund.